As content ownership and online privacy becomes more and more of a crapshoot with seemingly all social media platforms, I decided it was time to create a clearinghouse of “stuff” that I could maintain complete control over.

I have widely varying interests, and since I tend to be a do-it-yourself type, that leads to a lot of random projects. From woodworking to automotive repair to home improvement to agriculture to cycling to photography to electronics and general gadgetry. Some go smoothly and turn out great. Some involve overcoming more adversity.  But in almost all cases I learn something. Occasionally, I wonder if putting what I learn “out there” for others may help them in similar endeavors.

So, here we go!

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Raised on a family farm in rural Southwest Iowa, I own a mobile DJ business I started as a senior in high school which became a full-time endeavor in 2007. An electrical engineering degree, farming background, and natural curiosity to learn about anything everything make for widely varied interests.

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